Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We like to party, we like, we like to (paint) party...

(In case you missed my subtle Vengaboys reference, get caught up to speed here)

I was so excited to pick out paint colors, I had kind of forgotten all about the actual painting part. Kyle, however, was eager to remind me with this less-than-real smile (ignore the power tool) when I bounded through the door the morning of the paint party.

Kyle loves painting. 
Fortunately, we are SUPER blessed to have one awesome friend (Alayna), one awesome previous co-worker (Brittany), 4 awesome siblings (Zeke, Rebekah, Heather, and Adam) and some awesome parents (thanks for all the painting supplies, parents!). We rallied the troops (aka bribed them with Subway, Diet Cokes, and promise to pay back the favor) and so began the painting party (cue the music again!).

Kyle prepping the furniture and walls...

I did this wall! Applause please!

Brittany tackled the accent wall...
We are forever indebted to Bekah for "cutting in" ALL the walls!

The lovely Alayna making our bedroom blue!

This whole party took a lot longer than fact, this "party" continued to drag on for a few weeks while Kyle and I did all the cabinets and doors. We thought we'd "save time" by not sanding down those surfaces and just painting over the pre-existing beige. In the end, we had to put 2-3 coats of white paint (with primer mixed in) on the cabinets and doors which probably took just as long as sanding them down would've taken. Also, because the new paint is just stuck to old paint, it chips off really easily. You can image how much I hate this, and how I'm considering banning anyone with fingernails from touching any white surfaces in the condo.

Giving it grace: We're still giving this one grace...I'm constantly finding areas where the old paint is showing through, an area we forgot to paint, or the evil paint chipping off our cabinets and doors. The other night Kyle surprised me by digging out the yellow paint and painting over an annoying phone-jack cover to make it match the rest of the wall. That was really sweet of him, and now the wall looks normal - hooray! Kyle commended me on my paint color choices and I must admit, I'm pretty proud at my first act as future wife.

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