Friday, November 4, 2011


If you can't tell by now, life is like a giant, continuous song. Lately, life has been to the tune of David Bowe's Changes...

I changed where I live:
My dad, Kyle and his brother Zeke moving me
home with my dad for a few months - thanks guys!

And we changed what we do with our spare time:
Save the Dates 
Hand-made "advice cards" (thanks Dad and sissy for making these!)

Wedding invites
Decorating your home could be a full-time job (for me, not Kyle...)!

Thankful that our church takes marriage seriously!
We've really been enjoying this 8-week class on how to honor God
 (and each other) through marriage.

Lot's going on (for both of us!). Everyone keeps telling us to "enjoy this time" and I keep thinking "Enjoy it? it's FLYING BY. I can barely remember it!" That was part of the motivation for this blog (another change, if you're keeping track...). One day Kyle and I will sit down and read out blog back and have a few laughs about all the chaos. For now...ONWARD!

Giving it grace: with all the change going on, it's easier than ever to loose sight of who we are and what our purpose here on earth is. It's not all about "us" or "what we want" (speaking about Kyle and I specifically here), but about "us" and "who we will serve" or "what legacy we will leave". Sounds like big ideas to consider before even getting married. The first question is easy: we are sons and daughters of Christ adopted into his family. Really, nothing else here on earth matters in terms of "identity". The second question is a little more up in the air; we don't know yet where our marriage will bear fruit and we pray about now so that we will recognize it when the call presents itself. Keeping our focus on these bigger questions (who are we and what are we doing here) has really made us able to give and receive grace with all the changes going on. 

Oh - before I forget! Some people have asked us what we learn during pre-marriage class. Without giving away all the fun, here is a great resource of materials that the course theology is built around: Enjoy!

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