Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Evan: 11 months

Evan's bad mood seems to have passed and he's having happier days again. He is getting better at expressing himself - like getting excited when he sees Kyle or my dad after they've been gone at work, or by throwing little baby tantrums when a toy isn't doing what he wants it to. He's getting around the house just fine by crawling, so he hasn't shown much interest in cruising yet. He's got the skills, but it just hasn't clicked yet. He scoots up the stairs so fast though! Now we need to teach him how to safely get down them.
Meals are going well, and I'm still nursing him 3 times a day, and then a small bottle of breastmilk at bedtime. I think at this point my plan is to just nurse through 12 months and then go from there. I never thought I'd be someone to go a full year of nursing, but here we are...might as well make it the whole way!
I don't have any big plans for Evan's first birthday. Partially because I'm must totally in denial that my baby is 1, and partially because of the holidays...and because he's 1 and has no idea what's going on, and already has every possible toy a 1 year old could need!
Love this baby boy of ours!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Evan: 10 months

(Evan was 10 months on October 16th)

Evan is doing great with crawling! He crawls everywhere now, including up stairs. He has also started pulling himself up to standing and is flirting with the idea of cruising. He's also been fond of the "all-fours" pose (like the pic above). Each day he seems to get a little more confident with this gross motor abilities. His PT was so pleased with the progress he's made, and we're considering him "caught up" at this point! 

Evan finally had surgery to repair his undescended testicle. It happened really quickly after we had the consult with the specialist. The Lord really gave us peace about the decision ahead of time, and the surgery went wonderfully. He did have to be fully put under, and I got to stay with him until he was asleep and then was reunited with him before he woke up. He recovered within a day, in terms of mobility. The surgeon was able to descend his testicle as well as repair a significant hernia. All in all, it went really well and I'm thankful this is all behind us now.

That being said - Evan has had a really, really fussy month. There could be a million reasons why: teething, new skills, growth spurt, cold/sickness, appetite changes, emotional development, the disruption of his surgery. He's been sleeping a ton, refusing purees (only wants finger food) and taking full nursing sessions still. He escalates so quickly when I leave his side, lay him down on the changing table, or put him in his car seat. He's still cute as a button though, so I've been as patient as I can be with him while he goes through this phase.

He's still nursing, and I think I'm safely in the zone where I could wind down the nursing and have enough freezer milk to last him until he's 12 months old. But it takes time and effort to end nursing, so I keep putting it off. I'm still producing so much milk that it's just hard to stop a good thing, ya know?
We're starting to see more of his personality come out, and he may end up being a bit feistier then he's previously let on. I'm so excited to get to know him better as he continues to grow. My baby boy! Love him!

This month's photo session is an accurate depiction of his mood right now, haha