Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Evan: 11 months

Evan's bad mood seems to have passed and he's having happier days again. He is getting better at expressing himself - like getting excited when he sees Kyle or my dad after they've been gone at work, or by throwing little baby tantrums when a toy isn't doing what he wants it to. He's getting around the house just fine by crawling, so he hasn't shown much interest in cruising yet. He's got the skills, but it just hasn't clicked yet. He scoots up the stairs so fast though! Now we need to teach him how to safely get down them.
Meals are going well, and I'm still nursing him 3 times a day, and then a small bottle of breastmilk at bedtime. I think at this point my plan is to just nurse through 12 months and then go from there. I never thought I'd be someone to go a full year of nursing, but here we are...might as well make it the whole way!
I don't have any big plans for Evan's first birthday. Partially because I'm must totally in denial that my baby is 1, and partially because of the holidays...and because he's 1 and has no idea what's going on, and already has every possible toy a 1 year old could need!
Love this baby boy of ours!

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