Thursday, March 2, 2017

Evan: 2 Months

Evan was 2 months old on February 16th, so he's 2.5 months old at this point (but I got this written before he was 3 months so technically that counts!). He's a pretty standard baby: eats, spits up, smiles, sleeps. That's about it!

I'm still dairy free and it's made a world of difference for him. I know this, specifically, because I accidentally had dairy when we were at Chick Fil-A last week.). The morning after our dinner at CFA, he was so angry and red-faced and his baby acne was having a flare up. It took my a full day to realize perhaps I had accidentally had dairy, and after some researching I realized it was the breaded chicken from my salad at CFA (the breading has dairy in it, gah!). It took about 48 hours for his tummy to calm down, and then about a week for his acne flare up to calm down. So that really confirmed it for me that he clearly has a dairy sensitivity. Dairy issues aside, he still has reflux but it doesn't seem to bother him - just a laundry issue for me!

He is by far my best sleeper. I think part of it is his nature, and part of it is our routine/scheduling, because I've done the same things with all three and he has responded the best to my methods. I started creating sleep associations for him when he was just days old and naturally really sleepy. He gets swaddled up and placed in his crib in his dark room with the fan on. Around 6 weeks old, when babies become more alert, he already had his sleep associations in place - and they've served him well. He takes 4 solid naps a day, and sleeps from 8pm-7am (with a dreamfeed around 10:30pm). I'm really happy he's such a good sleeper, because he can handle disruptions to his schedule - he'll always go back to sleep once he's home in his crib. I think he loves comfort, much like his dad :-)

This last week he *finally* started smiling for me. He'll hand out smiles to other people no problem, but he has been smiling more at me lately and I'm relieved. Although he rarely smiles for me, he clearly me because he'll only eat from me with a bottle (still working on the bottle intake so that I can drop him off at the YMCA and get a longer workout in without having to break to nurse him), and he generally wants me to comfort him if he's upset. He also did his first laugh for Kyle and I last night! 

At his 2 month check up he was 12lbs (40%), and 23 inches (48%). I expected his percentiles to be higher because he seems big, or at least tall, to me. Maybe at his 4 month they'll be higher? See below for a collection of the face he is usually giving me. Hopefully next month I'll have smiles to show you! Also, my monthly photo shoot quality has really gone downhill...3rd child problems!