Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Evan: 3 months

Evan's gotten so much friendlier and happy now that he can smile! He's spending a little more time awake (about an 1hr and 15 minutes) between naps. I try to do tummy time a few times a day for him, but he either spits up continuously or rolls immediately on to his back. We did get this Sit Me Up using a gift card we had left over and I really like it. It allows him to "sit up" and hold his head up but offers some support so he's not doing it all on his own. He really likes hanging out on his playmate and flailing his arms and legs around. His wake times just fly by, because I've got the other kids to wrangle. I love his middle of the day feeding because it's just Drew awake at that time and we get down on the floor and encourage Evan to do his tummy time, walk out and get the mail, and then Drew usually "plays" with Evan by showing him all his toys.
Evan is on the cusp of being ready for a 3.5 hour feeding schedule, but his wake time is still too short to accommodate that so we're still doing every 3 hours during the day. Bedtime is 7:30/8 and he sleeps until 7am! He's by far my best sleeper. It's glorious.
He's finally taking a bottle moderately well so that gives me some freedom to skip a feeding now and then.
Just today he started chatting and laughing pretty consistently, so I'm excited to interact with him more - especially once he starts spending more time awake.
Drew and Mary have been great big siblings. Drew helps clean up all the laundry even goes through (still waiting for that reflux to calm down!), and Mary likes to bring him various toys and accessories that she associates with the baby.
He's so cute and we just love him!