Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The sunny side of painting

It's now November Kyle's condo has officially been in "renovation mode" for three months (although he might tell you it feels like a life-time). The official condo over-haul all started with a whimsical conversation nearly two months before that about Kyle and I getting married and living in his condo together "one day". Well, turns out "one day" meant "within a year" once our relationship really started to pick up speed. The original conversation went something like this..

Stephanie: "Well, if I moved into your condo would we keep in the same or change it?" (see how I try to set him up for success?)
Kyle: "Oh we'd definitely change it." (Success achieved!). 
Stephanie: "What could we change" (my mind running wild...)
Kyle: "Well I suppose we could paint...and I've been wanting to put down laminate flooring for a while. How does that sound?"

Well, that sounded GREAT! Fast forward two months and we found ourselves at Home Depot picking out paint samples: 
Now we're not so great. Why so many choices?!

This experience reminded me of 2nd grade when you open up a fresh new box of crayons, minus the whole "I'm in 2nd grade and my biggest concern is when is recess" aspect. We've got real life problems on our hands this time: if the kitchen doesn't match the living room, we're doomed.

After about 20 minutes of being "that couple" ("honey...this green or that green?"), we narrowed it down to: 
Don't worry - the green and blue are not in the same room
Feeling accomplished, we set out for home to test our colors on the walls. Kyle made the mistake of leaving to run some errands while I used the walls as my painter's playground. No one told me that it's not good to paint designs in the walls...

Sunshine pictures make everything better.
Apparently, it's reallllllyyyyyy annoying to paint over designs on the walls.

Oops. Lesson learned, when Kyle tells me to test the paint by painting it evenly on the wall, he really does mean evenly on the wall (and not in the shape of a sunshine).

Giving it grace: Kyle was incredibly patient with me while waiting for me to finally decide on colors, and not over-reacting when I painted designs on the walls (and spilled on the carpet - good thing that's coming up!). I got to teach Kyle a thing or two about colors (no canary yellow is so-not-the-same as morning sunrise yellow), as well as map out the entire color-scheme for the condo's updated look. Just getting my toes wet at this whole "going to be a wife" thing...

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