Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bridal Shower Fun!

I attended my first bridal shower this past weekend, hosted by Kyle's mom Mary Ann, Aunt Cheryl and Aunt Marjean. It was so much fun and I'm very thankful for everyone that was there! Here are a few pics:

Jan, Marjean, Pat, and Gayle

Jo Ann and Brooke

My gram handmade all this stuff- how amazing is she?!

The grams chatting :)

Watson gals - Shirley, Pat, Beth and Brooke

My sisters! Rebekah, Brooke, me and Heather

Sherri and Beth
Giving it grace: If you've ever wanted to see me be really awkward (and potentially ungracious), put me in a room full of people who don't each other (and some who don't even know me) and then put all the attention on me - and viola: awkward city and I'm the mayor! Accepting gifts from people requires a gracious demeanor (even when I want to yell to everyone: "I can't accept your gifts, I'm just happy to spend time with you!"), and it's something I really need to get more comfortable with. God is teaching me (and Kyle) how to receive gifts with a gracious heart. Fortunately I got a lot of practice at the shower - we were pretty spoiled with gifts - and very blessed!

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