Thursday, July 16, 2015

Drew: 24 months

Drew loves: all things that go (cars, trains, bikes, motorcycles, firetrucks, airplanes, helicopters, boats, ambulances, garbage trucks, regular trucks, vans, buses, taxis...), blocks, reading books, and markers (coloring).

Drew hates: one area where he has been struggling is tolerating certain kinds of events or scenarios with certain types of people. I can't seem to determine the consistent variable, but because I'm his mom I can usually predict which scenarios are not a good idea for him. I just can't put my finger on why. He is fine when it's Kyle or I, or groups of immediate family members in certain scenarios (we have rotating family dinners with Kyle's family or my family on Sundays and that never phases him). He does great when I take him to indoor gyms or play centers. He does great at church, both in kids church and when he's running around in the sanctuary with all the church-goers afterward. He does fine in restaurants (other than getting a little antsy). He does great when we go to other people's houses for play dates. He does ok-ish when I have mom friends over to our house for play dates...eventually he usually retreats upstairs to his room to play alone. He does not do well at large family gatherings or  new environments/places we don't go often. Sometimes I take him to visit Kyle at work and it takes him a really long time to warm up even though it's mostly family that we are visiting (Kyle works for a family business). Something about the environment is just not his jam. We went to a family wedding a few weekends ago and it was a train wreck. New environment, dozens of people trying to interact with him, and lots of noise and movement...just not his scene. No idea if this is a normal phase for his age, or a personality thing?

Milestones: He seems to be adding a new word or two to his vocabulary each day, and doing three to four word sentences. He is remembering events and things that I tell him we're going to do for far longer than ever before. We think of all of this is very amazing and totally cute, but that's our job as his parents :-) Sleep is great (7:30pm - 7am with a 2.5-3 hour nap during the day), eating is tolerable (for a toddler!), and behavior is mostly great. He does really well when we give him a warning of what's coming up next (such as "we're leaving the park in 2 minutes"). He has no concept of time, but the warning allows him to adjust his expectations and then he'll usually just say "bye park!" and head off to the car. About once a week he does some bigger act of direct disobedience/defiance as if to test the boundaries to see if they are still there, and we discipline him accordingly. Just as I was told would happen, it appears he is extremely comforted by knowing that the same boundaries are still in place and the same behaviors still warrant discipline. I know they say kids don't come with manuals, but Drew is such a textbook Babywise child! So we often joke that Drew actually did come with a handbook :-)

At the time of writing this we're still awaiting baby Mary to arrive, so I haven't made any big changes to our routine or environment. Drew is starting to show some interest in potty training, but I'm letting that go because I know now is just truly not the time for that! We did transition him out of the sleep sack for sleeping and now he has a pillow and quilt (that I made him...sailboat theme, of course!). He loves snuggling up in the quilt, and that delights my heart! He is very much still in the crib and we have no plans to change that anytime soon. He knows not to climb out of it and has been obedient to that end. So the crib stays, for now.

Here are some pics from the last three months:

family date at greenlake 
Drew saw a bus...
upping his slide skillz
my boy and my bump
happy guy!
when we say "smile", this is what he does...
mother's day kisses
sharing a treat with dad
our visit to Idaho
post Friday morning donut date, just watching the delivery trucks go by
I caught Drew playing with his baby doll
on the monitor...practicing for baby Mary, I hope!
donut date happiness
this kid would eat the entire container of greek yogurt if I'd let him!
watching cars...again...
watching the trains go by with dad on Father's Day
happy 2nd birthday Drew!
When Drew gets frustrated and/or misbehaves, he's
decided that he needs hugs afterward before he can move on with his day.
This was probably the hottest day of the year so far,
and we spent a lot of time hugging. He basically sits on baby
Mary for these hugs, but I don't mind (and I assume she doesn't either!)
because we're a family that's all about hugs! 
water park fun

every night before bed he asks for "Bible book" on our bed with both of us - it's so
precious and we love that he likes to read his Bible!
waiting for dad to get home from work (you and me both, buddy!)
throwing rocks in the water at the beach

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