Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Baby Mary update: 37 weeks

I'm 37 weeks yesterday - with a round of false labor already in the books - so I figured now is a good time for one final pregnancy update before baby Mary arrives! 

We were blessed to have two baby showers for baby Mary. Baby girl showers are so fun - so much pink! My sisters hosted a small mother + daughter family shower at my house:

Such thoughtful decor!

Several generations celebrating baby Mary
My sweet friend Jessica hosted a small shower for my girlfriends to attend, held at Las Brisas in Edmonds. I have such talented girlfriends - baby Mary received many handmade gifts!

Three pregnant ladies, all in a row! 
With the hostess - thank you for a wonderful shower!!
After the baby showers came and went, we got busy getting the nursery finished (which mainly consisted of washing lots of lots of tiny pink clothing!). I mentioned in a previous post that baby Mary will have her own room until she is sleeping through the night consistently, and then we will move Drew into her room and convert that room to be for both the kids. Drew's room will become the play room. I tried to get some pictures of the nursery, but the lighting made it hard. Also, while I say the nursery is "finished", what I mean is it finished for now....because then it will change 827 times because real life happens in our house! Here are a few photos of the "right now":

Fun pinwheel mobile I made using this tutorial
Sorry about the lighting - Mary's room doesn't actually have a pink glow to it.
Much of the decor on the shelves was made by my sister or my
girlfriend Jessica.
Close up of my favorite area in the nursery! 
Changing table area
Dressers and storage
Crib wall (ignore the craft supplies and bookshelf, those
will be replaced by a grey glider that is currently in our bedroom).
I made the bunting on the wall and the mini quilt at the foot of the
crib - I loved picking out the girly fabrics!

I guess that brings us to some bump photos! I think I left off on week 31 and we skipped weeks 32 and 34 (oops!), so here are the few more photos we've taken:


Great news - Mary is NOT breech! This means that I am still planning on attempting a VBAC. I had a fine experience with my c-section with Drew, but we don't see a need to do surgery with this pregnancy unless it's necessary. Of course, time will tell once I go into labor. Whatever happens come delivery day though, my only goal as Mary's mom is to keep my focus on Mary and not myself; this is Mary's show, not a time for all my birth fantasies to come true. To that end, our birth plan basically consists of one sentence: attempt successful VBAC. Everything else we'll figure out as we go!

I know I'm supposed to be focused on the birth right now (and that round of false labor certainly got my attention!), but I just can't stop thinking past that day to when we get to bring Mary home. That we get to start our lives as a family of four. That Drew gets to be a big brother. That my husband gets a daughter. That the Lord has blessed us with two children. That I get to be a mom to a girl. That I get to be a mom at all. That I get to be a wife, a wife to a loving husband who is the father of my children. The Lord has certainly answered the deepest prayers of my heart in abundance! I realize the pregnancy hormones may - perhaps - be making me all sentimental...but what better time than the approaching miracle of birth to stop and count the Lord's gracious blessings in your life?!

I have some blog posts pre-scheduled over the next few weeks, but I'll be sure to post an update once she has arrived!

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  1. I loved reading this, and especially your last paragraph. I don't think it's just the hormones! You are so right about each and every one of those blessings. Thank you for the reminder to count them. I can't wait until you get to bring her home either!