Wednesday, July 22, 2015

BFBN Week - Wednesday { sleep }

This week the ladies of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network are all writing on the topic of sleep. Below is the schedule of blog posts for the week. There will be heaps of great content shared across the all the blogs, so be sure to follow along!
Brooke from Apffel a Day has an uplifting post for those struggling with mom-guilt. We've all experienced it in some way, to some degree, about something. In the world of infant sleep it's almost impossible to come away unscathed by the theories that swirl around on what's best for baby and why. I find Brooke's words encouraging because despite Babywise working fabulously for our son and our family, I still took heat for scheduling his feeds and sleep. And I'm taking heat again for doing the same with our newborn. Brooke encourages moms like me by saying "I believe in you. I don’t know your exact reasons for wanting to sleep schedule your baby, but I know your reasons are good. Your intentions, your heart, you are good. Have so much grace on yourself.". I, for one, am a huge fan of grace. I hope you enjoy her post as much as I did!


Kimberly from Team Cartwright is sharing about maintaining a sleep schedule while on vacation. This post speaks to the idea that having a routine is what allows a Babywise family to be flexible without encountering total meltdowns. Having a routine does not confine you to your home! Having a routine is precisely what allows you to take your littles on vacation and expect some semblance of normalcy while you are away from home. Speaking from experience, it's truly delightful for everyone involved if a child's sleep routine is maintained while on vacation. Alright - I've said enough - I'll let Kim take it from here!

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