Monday, June 8, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend 2015

We've started a tradition of an (almost) annual trip to visit our friends in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. It's the perfect distance away where we feel like we're truly taking a trip, but not so far away that we need to fly. Although Kyle would probably tell you differently as he is the one who is always driving!


We love visiting the Boones because they have a daughter that's very close in age to Drew, so it's especially fun to get the kids together. We make the drive over and back at night, so that Drew can sleep in the car for most of the drive (wayyyy better than trying to entertain him the whole time!). This doesn't work perfectly, but it works for the most part. This time around, he actually stayed awake close to 10pm, thanks to his new found love of calling out "truck!" every time a semi drove by. That got old by the time we reached Issaquah.

Studying up on his book of trucks for the drive
We made a pit-stop in Ellensburg to refuel (us, not the car) and since Drew was awake we decided to go into McDonald's (don't judge) to eat.
Trending: crocs + jammies
First Happy Meal toy...welcome to childhood, buddy!
He promptly zonked out once we got back on the road. He did wake up when we arrived at Nick and Kaleigh's but then, per usual, went right back to sleep for the night once we put him down in the pack n' play. Yet another win for sleep training! And speaking of sleep training...little Neva slept through our entire arrival, dog barking and all. Happily sleeping toddlers are a glorious thing, people.

Nick and Kyle played with the kids down by
the river while Kaleigh and I chatted in the shade. The kids got soaked!
Walking home from the river. What a blessed day!
On our last night there, we all went out to dinner. Then Nick and Kyle took the kids home for baths and bedtime, while Kaleigh and I snuck off to see Pitch Perfect 2. Three cheers for wonderful husbands!
Drew and Neva, hanging out in the car.
Listening to the band at the Kootenai County Farmers' Market
It's no secret I love a good Farmer's Market - this place was awesome!
Sadly it rained on the afternoon we took the kids to the splash park. The kids were ok with playing with the rain, but then it started to thunder and lighting so we had to go home. Drew was pretty upset, but it was nothing a cookie couldn't cure!  We decided to forgo the teaching moment about patience and dealing with life's curve balls and just let the kid eat cookies that afternoon. I think that was the right choice, because it's been weeks since our trip and he's still talking about eating cookies on the porch with dad!

Drew and Neva working on their romance
Playing chalk with dad
I don't have any pictures of it, but on Sunday morning we got to visit Anthem Friends Church with the Boones. It's so great to be a state away and still have a wonderful, Jesus-loving church to attend!

I do admit that it was a little "much" to make this trip 30+ weeks pregnant, but I'm so, so glad we did. We weren't perfectly packed, Drew did not eat balanced meals, and I somehow barely had enough diapers to last the weekend for him (I swear I counted twice?)...but there was much laughter, afternoon naps for everyone, and not much on the agenda. I really do hope we can continue to make the trip every year - and every year we tease that we are going to just pack up and move there!

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