Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mary: 9 months

Last month Mary started crawling - this month she's traversing stairs and cruising all over the place. Anywhere she can pull up and stand, she will. I'm equally hesitant and excited for her to start walking. Not having to carry her everywhere will certainly be nice, but then I'll be outnumbered 2:1 in terms of children on the go.

She's up to 3 teeth now. She's not taking to solid foods as quickly as Drew did; she definitely likes her food pureed. I keep hoping as she gets more teeth that maybe she'll gain more interest in foods in their solid form.

I'm working on shortening her morning nap; a 2 hour nap in the morning was starting to mess with her afternoon nap. Her afternoon nap coincides with Drew's nap and I will stop at nothing to keep those naps synced up as long as possible!

Now that she's completing healed from last month's infection, she's become even more energetic than before she was sick. She loves watching and laughing at Drew, enjoys rides around the block in her push car (that I scored for free through a mom's group in I'm on Facebook!), and gets super excited when dad gets home from work. Because of her infection, we've backed off on the cloth diapering for the time being. I need to keep her diaper area as clean and dry as I can for the next few months to help determine if she is actually prone to UTIs or if last month's infection was a fluke. The cloth diapers are not as absorbent as disposable diapers, so we've been doing more disposables than cloth lately. I am sad because I love cloth diapering, but nothing is worth risking another UTI anytime soon (or ever, really) so I'm happy to make the adjustment for now.

We've started to introduce the command "no touch" as well as introduce the concept that when mom says you're name, you look at mom. If Mary is touching something she shouldn't I'll say "Mary" in a firm voice and pause for her to look at me, and when she looks I say firmly "thanks a no touch" and I make do the sign language for no. Then I point to something else she can use/play with. This worked well for Drew and to this day he still stops and looks at me when I say his name, which prevents me from having to do much yelling to get his attention. No one likes a mom that yells (including the mom)!

We're just loving the daylights out of little miss Mary - she is the perfect addition to our family! Here are some pictures from her little monthly photo shoot: 

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