Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

I'm excited to announce Giving it Grace is now participating in a fun series called Friday I'm in Love. This series is hosted by Emerald City Diaries and The Gilbertson Family, and is a place for bloggers to share some of our favorite things with our readers. It seems like every day I come across an item, event, place, blog post, or resource that I just want to share with others. Call me old school, but I'm a word-of-mouth kinda gal! So - every Friday you can expect to find some of my favorites right here, and if you want to see what other gals are talking about week you can check out there favorites here.

{ adjustable belt }

Postpartum bodies are strange things. While I'm not one to fret too much about losing the baby weight, my body is zero help in the process. Meaning, I do not naturally loose baby weight. As I'm doing my part to work the weight off, I'm finding it's coming off easier in some places than others. One problem this has caused is my pants don't have much of a waistline to hook onto. A standard leather belt works just fine when standing up, but really digs in when sitting down. The other day I saw the elastic belt that came with one of my son's toddler jeans and thoughts "why don't they make those for adults?" Turns out, they do! I received the one above earlier this week and am really pleased with how well it works. It holds my pants up, and flexes when I sit down. It also allows me to play more freely with my kids outside without having to always be pulling my pants up because my belt is too loose (or so uncomfortable that I took it off!). Anyway, highly recommend this belt if you're in a similar waistline situation as I am!

{ hawthorne threads }

When I was pregnany with Mary and were cleaning out the guest/craft/overflow room at my dad's house (where we live, for now), I came across my mom's old sewing machine. I got a wild hair and decided I wanted to learn how to use it, so my grandma came down and got me up and running. It turns out I really enjoy recreational sewing, and since that time my husband got me an updated sewing machine for Christmas (we found a screaming deal on Amazon Deals!). My go-to for buying fabric is Hobby Lobby, but if I'm looking for something really specific or know I wont have time to go to the store anytime soon and would rather have something shipped to me, Hawthorne Threads is the only other place I'll buy fabric from. Endless choices of seriously cute designs!

{ trader joe's thyme honey balsamic vinaigrette }

Three dollars for this tasty dressing and every day I find something new to put it on! My go-to is a bowl of their organic broccoli slaw, hummus, feta cheese, sunflower seeds, and this dressing (and sometimes with chicken thrown in). I've had it for lunch for two weeks in a row and am not tired of it yet!

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  1. Welcome to Friday and so happy to have you joining our party each week!

  2. Thanks for joining! I'm excited to read what you're loving each week! -- Kendra