Thursday, April 5, 2018

We're Expecting!

Happy to share that we are expecting our fourth (and final) baby, due in October! This baby is our second surprise baby (Evan was our first)...and yes, we know how babies are made :-) I was still breastfeeding Evan (at 13 months old...I never planned on nursing that long but it just kind of happened that way) and hadn't gotten my cycle back yet. We knew there was a chance I could get pregnant nonetheless, but given our fertility issues in the past and the fact that I wasn't even having a cycle seemed to give us very small odds that we would "accidentally" get pregnant. We were undecided on whether or not to even have a fourth child, especially with my recent brain tumor diagnosis (more on that in another post to come). Alas, the Lord decided this for us! I found out the morning of my 34th birthday that I was pregnant, and it was the best surprise I could have ever asked for.

Also really happy to share baby is a girl! While we would have been so excited for either, a girl certainly feels right. And now Mary gets a sister, which makes me SO excited for her! We did a fun family gender reveal over Easter weekend and my sweet friend Kaitlin got these pictures for us. It was a great morning!

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