Monday, December 18, 2017

Evan: 12 months!

Evan is one! You'd think by the third time my heart would be better prepared to handle a baby's first birthday, but that's a big fat NOPE! I was on the verge of tears - both happy and sad - all day. Thinking back to my pregnancy with him, his birth story, the ups and downs of his first's all just so, so precious to me. These babies just arrive and never slow and I want to be in the moment and freeze time and rewind time and prepare for the future all at once!

Evan is cruising, free standing for a moment, making new sounds, and playing games with us (like throwing and chasing balls). He's my little sleeper, and I've yet to discover how much sleep is too much sleep for him. I think this kid would sleep all day if I'd let him! Right now he's on a morning cat nap and mega nap in the afternoon, and then his standard 7:30p - 7a overnight.

He's not taking a very big bottle before bed (maybe 3 ounces), which is nice because it shouldn't be too difficult to cut that feeding out eventually. Now that he's one, I'm going to slowly start removing breastfeeding sessions and offering a sippy cup with his table meal instead. I have a feeling my supply my tank when I remove a feeding, but now that he's 1 I'm okay with that. I have loads of frozen breast milk stored up, and it's time to start transitioning him to other liquids anyway. I've found that he can't yet do dairy straight-up (like yogurt, cheese, or milk), so I'm going to offer him breastmilk in a sippy at first, then almond milk and/or water. My other kids long ago ditched the cow's milk and just drink water at every meal so that's the plan for Evan, too.

We had a very small little celebration with family this past weekend to celebrate his birthday. And now I have a one year old! I just know I'm going to blink and have a full blown toddler.

I don't have his weight or height stats yet because his well visit isn't until next week, so I'll have to update this post later with that (for my reference, mainly, haha!). Here he is in all his little cuteness!

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