Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mary: 8 months

We have a crawler! She's still just getting going with it, but she defintely is crawling. Before crawling she was scooting around on her cute little tushie and would just kind of "end up" somewhere else in the room and we were never really sure how she got there. But now she is crawling. And pulling up on everything. And I know walking with happen before I can blink twice!

Other fun news is that she has one tooth. Drew was never a fussy teether, and it appears Mary is the same way. We had no clue she was even cutting a tooth until it popped through!

Naps are still great (two 2-hour naps with no more afternoon catnap). Her overnight sleep is mostly great too; every once in a while she wakes up early in the evening to cry for a bit, or wake up about a half an hour early in the morning. Sometimes she plays and other times she cries, but overall she's still a great sleeper. Still no plans to combine the kids rooms right now but I would still like to do that in the future.

She's officially done nursing. I'm plowing through frozen breast milk so I will start to lessen the amount of frozen milk I give her each day because I do want it to extend with at least a little frozen breast milk each day until she turns one. She's still not super into solids but I think she's doing just fine with eating. Right now we're focusing on table manners, which mainly means not putting her hand in her mouth after every bite I give her. She's catching on quick.

Mary has a very dainty personality; she does not like anything to hurt, startle, or inconvenience her. If any of those things happen, I can accurately expect her to whimper or cry until someone picks her up to comfort her. That may get annoying later, but right now I think it's just so sweet how particular she is.

One thing I'm really proud of her for: she is able to take a nap in the church nursery on Sundays, even with all the lights on and kids playing. As long as she has her binky and her lovie, she's been taking naps in the swing in the nursery. This is great because it allows us to attend the 9am service, which we prefer, without Mary skipping her morning nap. And there is cuteness overload happening when we go to pick her up after service and she's just snoozing away in the swing. What is it about sleeping babies?!

Mary is also great at entertaining herself, mostly out of necessity. She is extremely fussy right around dinner time (as most babies are) and that's the only time of the day she really needs help from me to stay content. The rest of the day she spends scooting around exploring this and that or watching Drew. Having two kids is a major benefit in this way! I remember Drew would get so bored in our condo and I would run out ways to entertain him, places to put him, etc. I certainly don't have that problem with Mary! I actual struggle to find time during the day to really sit and connect with just her; now that her afternoon nap start just a little bit after Drew's, I've been sitting in her room and "reading" books with her. I hope she knows how important she is to me, even though Drew demands so much of my actual attention. It helps that Mary really loves Drew, and Kyle and my dad too, so she does get a lot of attention from people she loves throughout the day.

I hope that I am not telling you she is walking in her next update - why do babies insist on growing up so fast?!

We had a very busy photo shoot!

Those tummy rolls are delicious!

I finally called for Kyle and Drew to come help - Mary was sure happy daddy showed up!

Drew wanted to be in some pictures too :-)

What a muffin!

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