Friday, March 4, 2016

Hansen life: February

We had a really rough February. The month started out with a bang (pun intended): Drew split his head open on a play table in his bedroom. I was with Mary at the grocery store and got a phone call from my dad to come home quick because Drew was bleeding. Oh great, I thought. I figured it must have been his mouth - mouths bleed so heavily. Drew does this annoying thing where he spins in circles and thinks it's hilarious, and we always tell him to knock it off before he trips and crashes. That ended up being exactly what happened (and thankfully he no longer spins in circles anymore!), except it wasn't his mouth he hit, it was his forehead! When I got home from the store my dad had Drew in the kitchen in a highchair, and I could see the blood clear from the driveway through the front screen door! I got inside, promptly handed Mary off to my dad, threw Drew in the car, and called Kyle and told him to meet us at the ER. It was raining and they recently remodeled our local ER so I unknowingly parked on the OTHER SIDE OF THE BUILDING from the entrance. Cue super dramatic scene of me carrying my bleeding toddler in the rain around the building trying to find the new entrance to the ER. Once we got checked in things moved quickly, and Kyle was able to get there in time for the stitches. Drew had to be all swaddled up for the stitches and it was horrible for him and horrible for us to watch, but it went by quickly. Nine stitches! He had them in for a week, and they've been out now for several weeks and his scar is nice and neat and already starting to fade. We knew this day was coming and I'm just so thankful it was his forehead and not his mouth, nose, or eyes and that he didn't loose consciousness. Glad it's behind us now!
Two days after Drew got his stitches out, he got hit hard with the stomach bug. He started throwing up just after dinner, right as Kyle and I were getting ready to leave for a family birthday party for me and Kyle's cousin Joel (coincidentally, Joel got sick before the party so neither he nor I made it to our own party). Drew continued to throw up until the early hours of the morning - what a night! He recovered pretty well the next day. Two nights later (on Valentine's Day night), Kyle got the stomach bug! It kept him up all night, too, and he was out of commission the next day. That next day was President's Day so Kyle was off work anyway, but we had plans to celebrate Valentine's Day with a day date (brunch) and then another family birthday party for me with my family that evening - had to cancel both of those as well! We thought the rest of us were safe, but a week and a half later it was my turn. Up all night, completely out of commission the next day. Somehow Mary and my dad were spared (so far!). We ended February with the kids and I getting mega head colds. Can I just say I am SUPER ready for spring?!
In between stitches and stomach bugs, Kyle enjoyed playing in an annual Super Bowl Golf Tournament with the Hansen men (and friends), I celebrated my birthday with a night out in Seattle with some girlfriends from college as well as a movie night with some girlfriend's from church, I got to help Brooke out by volunteering at the annual Seattle Young Life fundraising gala, Kyle and I finally got our day date brunch to celebrate Valentine's Day, Kyle and his buddies had another quarterly poker night (Kyle has yet to win one of these poker nights...his turn has to be coming up!), and we attended some baby showers and kid birthdays along the way.

It looks really deep because the split was on top of a goose egg from where he hit his head.

Waiting to get stitched up

All sealed up! He was so sweaty from fighting being wrapped up during the stitches process.

We treated him to a Drew Special: french fries and ice cream :-)

We would let the stitches air out in the bath every night

He did so great with the band-aid - it hardly bothered him at all!

Nor did it slow him down, unfortunately...

Stitches out!

This is everyone that attended the joint birthparty for Joel and I that both Joel and I couldn't be at! 

Drew and buddy Keller enjoying some Table Time was coloring while the other was erasing...silly guys!

I'm almost officially done nursing Mary, so I had to capture this picture of her sweet legs during one of our final nursing sessions...she's such a sweet girl!

Celebrating my birthday in Seattle with Eleni and Danna - such a fun night now that we are all moms and spend the entire time talking about our kids!

Family walk with the new stroller. I swore I would never get a mega stroller...but I've changed my tune! 

Found Drew reading (like actually reciting the story from memory) to his bear. What a sweet kid!

There is a little neighborhood fire station a few blocks away that we always go past on our walks. Finally one day we walked by and the bay doors were open. Drew was so excited to see the firetrucks, and then one of the firemen saw us and waved us over. He let Drew climb up into ALL of the trucks, touch everything, meet all the was just such a fun time for Drew! What a memory! He is still talking about!

These two pictures of Mary really make me laugh - she is so funny!

Family date at the beach on Valentine's Day (just hours before Kyle got sick!)

Mary and mom

Stomping in puddles

Family pic - best we could do!

I love how much they like each other...I never had a brother, so I think it's really neat that Mary has a brother and really thinks he's great (for now - haha!).

Cart full of cute kids!

See - when they do things like this my heart almost can't handle it!

Full house for the Young Life Seattle auction!

Finally celebrated Valentine's Day with this handsome husband of mine!

Sweet little Mary had an appointment this month to get her eyes looked at. I've noticed that her right eye often turns in a little more than her left. The eye doctor noticed it as well, but said it's nothing to be worried about right now. It's likely a weak eye muscle, or simply the shape of her eye. She said just to keep an eye on it. I thought she was making a pun, so I laughed - but she was being are you an eye doctor and say "keep an eye on it" seriously without intending to make a pun?! Come ON - such an obvious joke! Anyway - we are truly keeping an eye on it, and I may follow up with her pediatrician to see if we should get a second opinion or just leave it be. She cracked me up in this picture with her little tongue sticking out :P

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