Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Drew: 2.5 years

Drew loves: still loves all things that go (anything with wheels or wings!), but his favorite is firetrucks. We taught him that fireman help people, so now every time he hears a firetruck he proclaims "they're going to help somebody!". Drew has also been enjoying art projects lately - especially painting. He requests painting every time we do Table Time, so I've been having some fun coming up with different wants to play with paint so keep it interesting. Drew is into Duplo legos, he likes to build towers and play make believe with the little lego guys.

Drew hates: being obedient - haha! He doesn't really seem to dislike anything right now; he's too busy testing boundaries and being inquisitive about the way things work.

Milestones: He has started talking in sentences, recalling past events, and telling us about future events. These are big speech and language developments that are really neat! He's become aware of when he has a dirty diaper and wants it to be changed right away. I attempted potty training but he isn't quite ready yet; although he will often tell me before he needs to go poo and request to use the potty instead of his diaper - so that's a big win! One milestone I think that is really fun to watch is he has started memorizing things: the alphabet and letters, counting 1-10 and numbers, part of his bedtime book song (if you read part of a page, he'll recite the rest), and the monthly memory verse. I just started doing a monthly memory verse; it's a short verse from the Bible that I add hand motions too. I have no idea how well it would go over, but just yesterday at lunch he was mumbling to himself and I glanced over and he was reciting the memory verse and doing the hand motions quietly to himself. Ahhhh - I was so thrilled to hear sweet scripture coming out of his mouth, and he was so proud of himself!

Right after the new year we took the side off his crib, making his crib into a toddler bed. This was a hard change for me, as I consider the crib one of the final remnants of his babyhood (with potty training being the final step!). He adapted swimmingly, and only fell on to the floor one time the first night. Although we've told him he can get out of his bed once his Okay to Wake light turns green, he still waits in bed for us to come get him - so I don't push the issue. I didn't want getting out of bed to be "fun way" for him to disobey to get our attention, so I've tried to remain nonchalant about the rule of staying in bed until the light turns green. So far, so good!

His independent play time is going well, sleep is going well, and eating is going well-enough. Our only real struggle with him right now is behavior - he's been testing boundaries and forcing the issue of consequences and discipline daily. It's exhausting, but I know it's worth it to be consistent and it provides him comfort knowing that the same rules are still valid and nothing has changed. He's got to rub up against those boundaries to see if they are still there. At the end of the day he always requests snuggles from mom, and I cherish the opportunity to just scoop him up into my lap and bathe him in love, affirmation, and prayer.

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