Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

This year for Easter, we joined my family for the 10:30 service at Mars Hill Shoreline. It was so fun! Only on Easter is the sanctuary packed so full, people had to use the overflow room...and then the overflow room was full, so people used an empty Kids Ministry classroom. Full. House. Full house! All the kids are dressed in cute Easter outfits (Drew being the cutest, obviously) and running around eating cookies and holding balloons. Our Pastor preached a great, to-the-point sermon about the Resurrection, and what it is we are celebrating. Great morning!

After that, Kyle and I headed over to his grandma Eva's house to have Easter brunch with Kyle's family. The food did not disappoint! Drew also took a super long nap, so Kyle and I were able to eat in peace and visit with family. After brunch, there was an Easter Egg hunt for the cousins. Kyle "helped" Drew gets some eggs on his first egg hunt. It was a lot of commotion in the yard, so Drew was somewhat tentative about the whole thing. I'm noticing his personality is to be very cautious about new things or situations. I think he gets that from Kyle; Kyle tends to hang back and assess a room before diving in. As I'm getting older, I'm tending more toward that direction too. But certainly in the past I've been the type to just walk right in and get down to business, whatever that may be. Anyway, I love noticing Drew's personality as it develops.

Drew was pleased to find the eggs were filled with baby Puffs for him to eat!

Family pic - with a grumpy Drew
Almost got a smile out of him!

Giving it grace: I don't really feel qualified to talk about "grace" relating to "Easter". Or I guess I don't really even know where to start with it, or where to go with it, or how to end it. Resurrection Sunday is such a momentous display of God's grace, I don't feel that I am able to fully explain such a concept. I mean, the reality of it is that nothing better demonstrates God's grace for us than Him sending His son to atone for the sin of the world (Good Friday). And then the grace doesn't end. Jesus triumphs over death (Resurrection Sunday), by God's design, and is alive today for us to be in relationship with. That's almost beyond my comprehension of grace.
My sister and I were baptized on Easter four years ago, so I always get a little emotional at Easter. I had no idea four years ago where that outward proclamation of an inward faith would take me. Over the past four years, God has transformed my life magnificently with His grace and love, and while that's worth celebration all year long, it's especially significant to me on Resurrection Sunday.

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