Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Drew: 2 Months

Drew loves: his hands, his Lovie Lamb, hanging out in the Moby Wrap, morning time, his play mat, bath time, and smiling.

Drew hates: Bed time, alone time, having gas.

Milestones: Holding his head up almost on his own, more distinct cooing (especially in the morning, and when he's on his play mat), batting at his play mat toys, getting his hand into his mouth (like, his whole hand), sleeping in his crib, and sleeping 5-6 hours at night.

Favorite moments: when we give him gas drops and he immediately stops crying (we think the taste of the drops distract him), when he sleeps in the Moby Wrap on my chest, reading him his Jesus Loves Me book before bed, when he smiles so big his paci falls out of his mouth, rubbing coconut oil on his little arms and legs after bath time, and when he rests his hand on my hand when he's settling down before a nap. Oh - and the smell of the top of his head (why don't they bottle that stuff up?!?)

Favorite Sleeping Position

Practicing holding up his head

Being a super-cutie

Snuggling with his Lovie Lamb

Flexing for mom!

"Mom, what's this thing you always have pointed in my face?!"

Baby toes!

Little baby hand!

Smiling guy :-)

Cousin Cope playing with Drew

Dad playing with Drew on the play mat (and Drew playing with dad's nose)

Drew loves his changing table

Bottle time with dad (which means it's "get out of the house" time for mom!)

The Bug asleep on mom's chest...just a little snuggle bug

Smile time!

Play mat fun 
Kickin' feet!

Looking at himself in the play mat mirror

Drew had to get an ultrasound on his hips from being breech (everything was a-ok!).
He looked so tiny on that big bed!

Hansen clan at the Gwin's house for Labor Day weekend BBQ
(just missing Pete, Mary Ann, Kim, Cheryl, Celeste and Adam) 
Longtime friend Shane meeting baby Drew at his wedding - congrats Shane!
Giving it Grace: We're finally settling into a little bit of a....schedule. I don't think there's been one day where we've nailed it, but at least it's "out there" to strive to. The eat-play-sleep method is working well enough for us, and we're dabbling in sleep training as best we can. Drew got some vaccines last Friday which threw everything off - which is totally fine. He was so sleepy and snuggling all weekend, I loved it! The grace for us right now comes when we are wishing he'd be better at going down for naps, sleeping through the night, etc., but knowing that he'll get there when he's ready. I have been calling on a lot of God's grace in figuring out, as a first time mom, how to make sense of all the information out there and translate it to fit my family. I am positive I am doing some things wrong (some things I'm aware of, some things I'm not), but I'm also positive our God is bigger than any mistake I can (and am) making. That gives me an immeasurable peace to use when fighting feelings of panic about not knowing what to do at every moment of every day with a newborn. To be certain, I don't sit back and just throw caution to the wind. But God's grace helps us strike a balance between using the information He puts in front of us, and relying on God to care more about Drew than we ever could. 
And one thing I know we're not doing wrong is loving him...I could just sit and love him all day. It's not a perfect love, and it's perhaps a selfish love, but it certainly is an endless love. As a 29 year old adult, I thought I had learned all of the possible emotions a human can have. I was wrong. There is a special emotion that is saved to experience once you are caring for a child, and it's a wild emotion that takes some getting used to. I'm still figuring out how to contain this emotion because it makes me smile from ear to ear all day long. What's crazy to think that the feeling of love I have for Drew is just a fraction of the love Jesus has for us!

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