Friday, August 23, 2013

Drew: 1 Month

Just a fair warning, these blog posts may become more like (unedited) photo essays in the near future (starting right now). I just can't justify photo editing when I could be baby snuggling...can you blame me?

Drew's one month update (as of 8/11...I'm kinda behind!):

Drew loves: sleeping on moms chest (still, gotta break that habit one of these days...), noodle pose after naps, his paci, the three wedding photos hanging on the wall in our living room (he'll stare endlessly at those), baths, the carseat, being burped by dad, morning smiles, having his hands by his face, and of course breastfeeding. 

Drew hates: being alone, having his clothes changed (that split second where the clothes go over his eyes just gets him every time...), 8-11pm, his swaddle sleep sack (but we do it anyway!), and tummy time.

Milestones: holding head up for short periods of time, looking around, sleep smiles, cooing, sleeps 4-5 hours at night, finally big enough for cloth diapers, and more awake time.

Nicknames for Drew: Drewford, Drewdle Bug, DB, Bug, Buglas, Andrewlina, Drewsephine, Bugford, and (most commonly) The Bug.

Stretching his legs, and his lungs!

Post-bath happiness

Just a sleepy bug!

Frog guy

Dad reacting to Drew's first smiles :)
At cousin Nate's wedding (Kyle was a groomsman)

Beach baptisms with our church at Edmonds beach (that's our friend Ethan helping to baptize his wife Lynette!)

Drew's first Taste of Edmonds! He didn't have the best view...

Soft cast from the first wrist surgery. So thankful for the many
 helpers who came to take care of Drew while I recovered!

Fun up at the Brokaw cabin on Camano Island: Auntie Danna snuggling Drew, Auntie Eleni testing out paddle
boarding, and a fresh catch up crab by the boys).

Community Group kickball game: our friend Meggan with her two gorgeous twin boys!

Community group kickball game: Karmen hanging out with baby Samson

Community Group kickball game: Kyle packing up to head home.
Feels like we took half the nursery with us (and we used nearly everything we brought!)

Giving it grace: Sleep. The thing on every new parents mind. We're attempting the Baby Wise method for sleep training Drew, but right now we haven't gotten very far past just mastering the eat, play, sleep rhythm. I added in daytime v. nighttime training a few weeks ago and that made a huge difference for nighttime sleep. We also subscribe to these three goals right now: 1) full feedings/full naps, 2) full naps in his own bed, 3) full naps without us needing to soothe him repeatedly. Right now, we're on the first one...and we're ok with that! Overall, Drew is a good sleeper. But he does have his nights...

One thing I have to remind myself when he has woken early from a nap, or wont even go to sleep, is that he actually wants to sleep, he just needs our help. When I remember that, it makes me want to argue with him a lot less about why he needs to sleep (our arguments usually don't go very far, considering he can't talk...or even understand me). I just keep telling myself "he wants to with him, not against him...don't get frustrated, he wants this as much as you's your job to help him..." Lots of inner monologue going on over here!

Of course, in the middle of one particularly rough night, God drew another parenting parallel for me to help me understand His character more. So here it is (this is a poor explanation so bear with me):

Drew wants to sleep, and I want him to sleep. Yet he fights it, and I get the joy of helping him learn to sleep. God gives me patience to use with Drew, and I welcome that patience with open arms. 

I desire to not live in sin, and God's desire is for me to not live in sin. Yet I fight it, and God gets the joy of refining me to that end. And He is SO patient with me, because He is a gracious (and patient) God.

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