Monday, May 27, 2013

Baby Showers for Drew!

My (gorgeous) sister and my (gorgeous) sister-in-law's threw Drew and I a baby shower at the beginning of May. The decor was so precious, and it was so great to celebrate Drew's upcoming arrival with my sweet friends.

Kaleigh made the drive over from Coeur D'alene - it was so good to SEE her! Also, she's due just three months after me. Obviously, I'm not-so-secretly hoping she has a girl: hello arranged marriage!!

A few weeks later my mom and Kyle's Aunt Cheryl hosted a family shower for Drew and I, with the help of Kyle's mom and Aunt Marjean. So much grandma and great-auntie love for Drew!

Giving it grace: Both showers were so wonderful! It was great to take a break from all of the baby prep and just fawn over cute baby clothes and eat lots of yummy shower food. Again - I'm not so great with the receiving gifts thing...I just always feel so awkward, like we don't deserve all this love and support. Thus, again, I'm reminded that gifts are given in love - and not earned - just like grace. You'd think God was trying to teach me something about grace in all this... :)

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