Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Great I Am

(Sorry for the poor picture quality. This post originally had edited photos, but then the site hosting those got deleted, so I had to re-upload the originals from my phone. I couldn't bring myself to make time to re-edit all the photos!)

After the encouragement boost I got from trying this chalkboard project, I decided that I could certainly tackle another (easier) craft I've been wanting to try for a while as well. It's a combination of inspiration I got from these wonderful pieces of art:
Click here for original project
Click here for original project
Click here for original project
Step 1) I started with spray mount, modge podge, a blank canvas, a foam brush, and a Bible:


Step 2) I (sheepishly) tore out the pages from the book of Exodus that I wanted to
use, and spread them out over the canvas to create a visual of what pages I wanted where:

Step 3) I then removed the papers to the side, sprayed my canvas with spray mount, and then carefully placed the papers back on the canvas. I then wrapped the excess around the backside of the canvas, and cut off the fringe:

Step 4) Next, I added a few remaining pages to the front side to create a "scattered" look. I secured these addition pages using the spray mount:

Step 5) I then went over the pages (including the back edges) with 2 layers of Modge Podge, letting the canvas dry overnight in between to prevent the pages from getting soggier than necessary. A little sogginess is unavoidable because the Modge Podge is wet, but if you spread out your Modge Podging, you can prevent total saturation:

Step 6) I used vinyl letters (from Hobby Lobby) to mark where I didn't want paint to go. I used acrylic paint to cover the canvas. I only did one layer of paint, because I wanted the Bible pages to still show through a little:

Step 7) When the paint was dry, I slowly peeled off my letters, and was left with my finished product!
Finished product!
It's home for right now.

Giving it grace: Why "I Am"? In the book of Exodus, God sends Moses to free the Isrealites, God's people, from slavery. In response to this command from God, Moses asks God, "who do I tell them sent me?". God's response to Moses' questioning gives me chills every time I read it. God doesn't give Moses some elaborate answer, He simply says, "tell them 'I Am' has sent you to them." That's it - God is simply "I Am", and He doesn't even need to say anything more. It's not "I am God", or "I am the creator of the universe", or even "I am in charge - tell them I'm in charge!". Nope - just "I Am". Period. Every time I start to get all uppity with God because I don't like His plan or I don't understand His timing, I love to come back to this powerful reminder of how big God is - and thus how big His grace is. I love how small it makes me feel on this earth, knowing how big and powerful God is, and how He, the Great I Am, can handle my every little need perfectly because He knows my needs best - as He created me, and my needs! And so, I leave you with this song, because it's the song my little craft always makes me think of (you'll know why at about 2:35):

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