Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Fudge Making

 While we're much enjoying our Indian summer here in Seattle, fall is definitely here! We've been having fun with the change in seasons (despite my hatred of the cold, fall is my favorite season!).

My mom, sister and I got together to try our hand at my mom's fudge recipe. It was a really fun afternoon, and the fudge turned out amazing!

Giving it grace: Growing up, making fudge was something my mom did every year around the holidays. It was always an exciting event, as it meant Christmas was near! I never remember her looking at a recipe card while making the fudge, and sure enough - she showed up at my house with just the ingredients, and the recipe was in her head! I can barely follow instructions to make a salad without a recipe card, let alone memorize the ingredients  proportions, and cooking instructions. Watching my mom direct us on how to make the fudge simply from memory made me excited to try and memorize the recipe myself someday, and pass it on to my kids as well. Getting the recipe "right" is not nearly as important as getting it close to being right, and adding in a little love (or some extra sugar - same thing right?) along the way. By the end of the afternoon, we had two great batches of fudge (Kyle and I are still working on ours, and it's been almost a month!), one shockingly painful boiling butter burn (me), and many good memories!

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