Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wedding Day!

We haven't gotten our official wedding photos back yet, but here are a few teasers:
First kiss!

Pic with our epic photographer Clane Gessel

My favorite picture from the day :)

Hair done, make up done, dress on - going to
 meet Kyle for the "first look"

Just Married!

This was the best day of our lives!

Wonderful women and dear friends from college
<3  PPL  <3

Having some fun in the photo booth!
More pics to come once we get them back from the photographer. I just have to say a special thanks to some very special people for making this day so wonderful:

  • Our entire bridal party (especially the bridesmaids - I should probably apologize for making you memorize the Master Timeline...)
  • My dad, who worked his tail off coming up with ways to build, craft and prepare things to make the reception absolutely perfect.
  • Kyle's parents, who have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm! On top of that, they have an entire army of people ready to help out their family at a moment's notice. Without these two people (and all their helpers), our wedding simply would not have been what it was. 
  • Trudy and her Be Blessed team. The first thing our photographer said to us when we arrived at the reception was "Have you SEEN your food yet? It's AMAZING." True story, and we owe it all to Trudy and her wonderful team.
  • Jenny Linquist, our reception photographer. Her and her husband did such a wonderful job of being the perfect photographers: everywhere you need them to be but never in the way. We were so confident in their abilities, and know we will be so pleased with their work!
  • Jodi Smith, my beloved hair stylist, for getting up at the CRACK of dawn to come to my dad's house and do my wedding hair. Jodi has been doing my hair for years and I felt so comfortable with her behind the head.
  • Courtney Johnson, for also getting up at the crack of dawn to do my wedding make-up. Courtney did amazing work, I've never felt more beautiful than I did that day.
  • Sherri Bell, for coming to my dad's house and doing 4 bridesmaid's hair in less than 2 hours. This woman is phenomenal! 
  • Stacy Ruth Hall for capturing the whole morning - can't wait to see the pics! It was so much fun to have Stacy there with us, and I know she caught all the moments that we'd want to remember.
  • Our ceremony musicians, who put in time to rehearse and practice before the wedding. We got so many comments on how great they were!
  • All the helpers at Calvary Christian Assembly - could not have done it without you!
  • My uncles for tending to the bar at the reception - they played the part so well!
  • All the friends and aunts who helped with the decor team - so much behind the scenes work went into this and it was all so beautiful! Aunt Cheryl was instrumental in pulling off the centerpieces - thank you!
  • Our ceremony photographer, Clane Gessel, for capturing our ceremony and wedding photos. Amazing work already Clane!
  • The ceremony helpers: Alayna, Heather and Laura, Todd and Ashley, Mara and Daniel, Karmen and Eric, Ashlea, Kirsten and Derek - thank you for obeying the Master Timeline perfectly!
  • Reception Helpers: Nick and Andy (our emcee and DJ), and all the people who stayed to put the church back together after we left. HUGE helpers!
  • Our officiant and brother-in-law, Adam Christiansen for preaching the gospel repeatedly during our ceremony. Can't wait for the video of the ceremony so we can listen to it again (and again, and again...)...
  • My grandma for altering my dress by hand - it was the perfect fit and I didn't ever want to take it off!
  • Everyone else who played a roll big or small - this wedding was a labor of love and their was lots of love!
I'm sure I'm forgetting some people...I feel like everyone we know helped in some way. The people above were all people who were exposed to the Master Timeline; if that didn't include you, consider yourself lucky!

Giving it grace: My favorite part about the wedding day was walking down the aisle and seeing Kyle waiting at the other end of it. My second favorite part was leaving at the end of the reception and getting to see my dad and hug him one last time before we left. My LEAST favorite part was not getting to thank everyone enough times for all their help, and not getting to talk to everyone at the reception. It's an uncomfortable thing for Kyle and I to "let" people do so much for us to make the wedding happen. If we had it our way, we would have stayed after to help stack chairs, etc...Fortunately, we had enough people tell us "no way!" and we left right after the reception was over. We are blown away by the amount of people that came together to make this wedding happen. We know God loves weddings, and He sure showered us with the grace of many, many helping hands to make our wedding absolutely perfect for us. If I haven't said it enough, THANK YOU again to each person who helped in any way on that day...

ps...Thank you, like, seriously, thank you.

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