Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Honeymoon

No juicy details here :) Just some photo highlights from our quite get-away to La Conner, in no particular order:

Super cute little antique shop where I bought a little "K" and "S"
(photos of my project with these to come later)

Walk along the canal (Indian Reservation in the background)

Dinner at La Conner Brewing Co. (and watching some football!)

First day out window shopping

One of the main streets in La Conner

Kyle loves snow villages! This one was amazing.

We are trying to collect Christmas Ornaments for our first tree
next year, and we got an adorable one at this store.

The other main street in La Conner

Nell Thorn, where we had a romantic dinner (and I had
the biggest Cheeseburger of my life!)

Pre-giant Cheeseburger

On our way up to La Conner...Our first trip to Dick's as newly weds!

The Heron Inn Bed and Breakfast where we were
the only guests and treated like royalty! 

Giving it grace: Peace and quiet. No wedding details. Sleepy little town. Homemade breakfast every morning. It was NOT hard to give each other grace on the honeymoon. The conditions were perfect for just appreciating each other, our new marriage, and all the gifts God has given us lately (and always). We feel very fortunate for the time away to re-charge and just enjoy being married!

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