Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Evan: 8 months

I think the biggest deal in Evan's life right now is he's finally rolling from back to tummy! He does this while he's sleeping, and now I typically find him on his tummy when I go into wake him up. Also, we've started physical therapy with him here at the house to help him work on some other gross motor skills. It's a really neat program through the county, and they send someone out to the house so I don't have to pack everyone up which is so great! When they did the assessment, he actually didn't qualify as having any significant delay. But the gals doing the assessment saw my concern and decided to override the score and qualify him for services. We're only doing 30 minutes every other week, which is hardly anything. I love the PT that comes out, she's so friendly and knowledgeable. We have a great time playing with Evan on the floor and she shows me little moves for him to practice so that we can get him motivated to make progress on his gross motor skills. He's already advancing and it's so cute to watch him grow! Hopefully by next month he'll be crawling and maybe even cruising.

We're still nursing, which is so fun. Older babies really know how to take care of business while nursing and it's so much easier than nursing a newborn! Still staying away from dairy, but not as strict as I previously was. I have yet to introduce him directly to dairy, and I'm not sure how and when I want to go about that.

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