Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hansen Life: October

I truly feel that every month is about 8 days long. I know they say that time flies when you have little ones but I thought they meant it kind of flies by a little bit...turns out it really does go quick!

At the beginning of the month I had a small procedure on my eyelid. If you know my eye history at all, you know I'm no stranger to needles in or near my eye. Fortunately this procedure was easy and quick, and everything is A-OK. But I am now officially done with needles being in/near my eye. For life. Lord, please take note. Thank you.

The second week of the month I was involved in a car accident. Everyone walked away from the accident, and kids weren't with me. That's really all I'm allowed to say about it right now. 

Something that's stuck with me as a result of this accident is how thankful I am for the quality and quantity of professionals we have access to in this country. I was thinking about all of the people involved following the accident: police officers, insurance agents, doctors, rental car companies, auto body shops, lawyers...all of these people just out there working hard to do their jobs well. How blessed as we that we have access to all of these professionals within moments when needed? (The answer is "so". So blessed).

October brought the return of kids to our house. I love being able to help my girlfriends out by watching their kids when they need it. It's been fun to have many kids back in the house again. Lots of tiny little people laughing, learning, crying, eating, sleeping, playing, and growing. Full house, full heart!

We didn't do Halloween for our kids this year. Drew was scared by all the costumes last year, and I haven't really had an opportunity to explain costumes to him since then. If he did costume play at home I think he'd understand better, but that's just not something he's into yet. He also goes wild when he has sugar, so I didn't see much point in him collecting a bunch of candy he can't eat. And then there was Mary...she's really only into eating and sleeping still. So we decided to pass and we'll see if Drew is up for it next year! The other main reason we skipped it this year is that I was volunteer coordinating a wedding on Halloween evening. Yes, a wedding! Kyle and I periodically help with the premarital ministry at our church, and after the last series of classes we helped with I offered to serve as a wedding coordinator for one of the couples. They got married on Halloween, and it was such a fun wedding! I had to pull-back on some of my original duties because of my car accident injuries, but it was still so great to help with their big day!

Here are the photo highlights from October:
Drew enjoying the last few warm days with
papa at the beach watching the trains go by
Scenes from my eyelid procedure
Visit to the Pumpkin Patch. We try to go the first
weekend of October so it's not as crowded!

Drew's beloved tractor - 2015
Drew on the same tractor last year (2014)

Checking out the pigs and goats

Petting the goats
After one time down the slide with me, we went back to the top and he
announced "no mommy do it". He then plunked himself down, gathered up all his
courage, and pushed himself off the edge and went down the slide alone. I cried.
I was so, so proud of him. These are the mom moments I live for!

Mary hanging out with dad

Pumpkin Farm Happy Faces!

Next year, Mary, next year

Dad and Drew on a Dadurday at the beach

Dad's the best!

Drew on a "nature walk". On this day we hunted for pine cones. He's totally
into the nature walk idea and I'm very happy we live in a neighborhood
that we're able to go out and explore outside.
Impromptu date night with the Hansen siblings!
Mary is totally amped about the Jumperoo. She loves standing already,
and I fear this baby of mine will be walking before my eyes can blink.

Drew's always been really great about us having other kids at our house.
It's all he's ever known, but I do appreciate that he seems to understand when it's
time to share his toys. He also likes to "help" take care of the other kids, which warms
my heart.  
More Dadurday fun! I love that Drew loves his daddy so much. I was recently
reading it's around this age that Drew will start to figure out that he's a
boy like daddy and will naturally want to spend more time bonding with Kyle.
While I'm sad to "let go" of my little baby, I'm so excited to slowly see him
turn into a little boy!
Our little darling daughter! She spends a lot her time
sleeping right now, and when she's awake Drew is usually
awake too so it's been harder for me to capture pictures
of Mary's first few months of life. But I promise you she's
this cute all the time!
Centerpieces from the wedding - so fun!
Kyle got to come down to the wedding after he got the kids to bed.
He was dressed as the Pope (I guess that's his grouchy Pope face?) and I was a black cat.
We made for an odd couple that night - maybe one of these years we'll try for a themed costume? 

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