Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mary: 3 months

Mary's personality is really starting to come out and she is just the sweetest little squishy baby! Just today she gave us her first giggle. She is so smiley when she's awake! She loves interacting with any person who will give her attention. I could just sit and smile back and forth with her all day.

She's holding her head up like a pro and loves standing, so we pulled the Jumperoo back out and she really likes hanging out in there. She also likes being in the Bumbo seat up on the kitchen counter (that's dangerous, I know, I know, I know...).

She goes down for naps and bedtime with no issues. We worked really hard to establish a consistent sleep routine and it has worked; I'm hoping that carries us through the 4 month sleep regression. About half of her naps she sleeps straight through the whole thing and the other half of the time she wakes and cries intermittently throughout her nap. It seems like whenever Kyle is home she naps really poorly. Still trying to figure out why that is...

Nursing is going well, which I find to be amazing because I haven't had hardly any time to really think twice about keeping my supply up or pumping. I keep feeling like maybe my supply is dropping but she always seems full and happy so I guess not.

We're still keeping an eye on that flat side of her head. She seems to have stopped favoring turning her head to the right so I do think her neck is equally strong on both sides now and it's just a matter of time for that flat spot to round itself out.

During her wake times we do a variety of activities: tummy time, jumperoo time, sibling play, reading books, and some independent playtime on the play mat.

The days are flyinggggg by, which in some ways is nice and in other ways makes me weepy. I secretly love when Mary has a really bad nap and I "have to" go in an let her nap on my chest so she can finish sleeping. I just sit there and sniff the top of her head with every inhale and hold her tiny little hand with my fingers. It's not creepy when it's your own daughter, right??

I'm remembering that somewhere between 3 and 4 months old babies start seeming less newborn-y and more baby-y, so I'm excited to see what the following weeks bring. Every day we get to know Mary a little bit better and every day we love her more than we thought possible!

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