Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mary: 2 Months

The days go by so fast right now, but I'm enjoying that Mary is getting older because these passing weeks bring new developments that are so fun. She's now smiling at us (and finally smiling at ME!), holding her head up, tracking objects, and coo-ing. She even did the fake-rollover move where she props up on her arms and then the weight of her head causes her body to roll over. It's pretty darn cute.

She's still nursing well enough, so no changes there. She's off the silent reflux meds as of this week so we're hoping that's all behind us now.

She goes through cycles of bad sleep habits, but thankfully right now we're having a great week where her naps are nice and long and almost all of them are done in her crib. Last weekend that was not the case! Right now she takes 3 full naps about 1.5-2 hours long and then an evening catnap around dinner time (often in her infant seat at the table with us). She's usually down to sleep by 8:30 at the very latest and then I sneak in and feed her around 11pm but she basically nurses and then conks back out. She then sleeps through the night until around 5-6am when she usually lets our a holler. Kyle goes in to offer her the paci and that usually is all she wants, and then I fed her at 7am when the house wakes up for the day. She's learned the sleep routine really well - I turn off the lights, turns on her fan and white noise machine, get her wrapped up in a swaddle, put the her Lovie near her face and her binky in her mouth and sit down to rock her while I sing her a song, and by the second verse of the song she's usually already nodding off! So then I just say a quick prayer for her, kiss her forehead, deposit her in her crib and leave the room. I'm dreading the 4 month sleep regression, but hoping that this solid sleep routine will help us in the long run!

During her wake times we do family time, sibling playtime in Drew's room, tummy time on the play mat, reading books, and even some independent play time where I'm in the room but not in her line of sight so she gets used to mom not always being right there every second she's awake.

At her 2 month check up, her pediatrician noticed that she has mild plagiocephaly - which is doctor speak for baby has a flat spot on her head. Mary has a preference to turn her head toward her right shoulder, probably because both her crib and her changing table were set up to cause her to turn to her right to look at us. Her ped thinks it's completely fixable by us just taking care to help her turn her head both ways while at home, so I came home and changed her changing table and crib around to cause her to turn her head to the left if she wants to look at us.

She also had her 2 month shots yesterday and had a pretty afternoon because of it. The same happened with Drew at his 2 month shots; I don't know what it is about that set of shots but my kids just don't do well with them. Fortunately Papa took Drew to the beach in the afternoon so I was able to snuggle up with Mary for a nice long nap. She woke up from that nap in a much better mood, which made my mother's heart very happy!

Between her and Drew's daily schedule, things are pretty routine around her. About as routine as I can handle - and that's saying a lot coming from me! I am much looking forward to the days when my kids are older and we can fly by the seat of our pants a bit more. But that season will come in due time!

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