Monday, May 25, 2015

Baby Mary update: 32 weeks

I'm 32 weeks along today, and happy to report that this has been a great pregnancy. At this point with Drew, my arms were already in really bad shape and we were discussing post-pregnancy surgeries to remedy the carpel tunnel. Thanks to those surgeries, and some early intervention this time around, I'm only experiencing mild discomfort in my arms at this point. I've been sleeping in a recliner in our bedroom since the beginning of March; sleeping in the recliner allows me to comfortably wear braces around my elbows at night. The braces prevent me from bending my arms in my sleep, which gives my arms a good 8 hours of reprieve from any movement. I've also been seeing my chiropractor once a week - mostly because my back hurts from sleeping in a recliner every night - but also because he does some adjustments on my arms to help keep any carpel tunnel at bay. Something about the combination of all of the above (and prayer!) is working.

The major difference between the babies in my womb is that baby Mary be crazy with all her movement! Drew was a pretty gentle, snuggly, little guy. Perhaps it's because he was breech for so long and didn't have as much room to move around? Mary is unofficially confirmed to be head down right now (praise the Lord!), which I could have confirmed on my own based on how many times a day she tries to stick her feet through my stomach just below my rib cage. She is constantly moving all parts of her body, and I can frequently feel her in two places at once. I'm curious how her personality will differ from Drew's, and if her movement in the womb will be any indication of her tendencies outside the womb.

We got some maternity/family photos done last weekend, I can't wait to share those once they are ready! I've also been working on the nursery, and will share photos once I finish up nannying in our house (middle of June). Right now Mary's room also serves as the overflow room for the stuff I use for nannying (pack n' play, play yard, baby/toddler toys, etc) so it looks like Babies R' Us exploded in there.

Thanks to my iPhone for reminding us to take a weekly photo, we've been keeping up with that (more or less). I would say that the weeks indicated in each photo are mostly accurate...give or take 7 days or so ;-)


  1. So glad you are doing better this time around and you look wonderful! Looking forward to meeting Mary! :)