Sunday, January 18, 2015

2014 Holidays

Thanksgiving: My dad and Kyle and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year for the Watson family. There was 15+ dinner guests (and 3 kiddos) so we had a full house!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Table set up
My sister helped with the decor - that's her scripting!
Kyle rocked the turkey!
Kiddos playing together with Great Grandma Pat
Socializing before dinner...half the crew was downstairs
Drew chowing down
Kids table...sweet little Avery enjoying her meal in peace and quiet.
Dinner table! My dad asked the blessing, and then shared with everyone
that we are pregnant. It was fun to see everyone's reaction! The second pregnancy
isn't as shocking as the first to most people, but it still feels great when
your family is excited for you!
Post-dinner football game watching

Christmas: Kyle and I are very lucky to both have grandparents who are still healthy and hosting family Christmas gatherings, but we end up having 4 or 5 celebrations around Christmas time as a result. Which we don't mind, but Drew got a little over-Christmased this year! I had planned on withholding some of his presents to avoid him getting totally overwhelmed, but it was so fun to see his face with each new present that I just couldn't bring myself to be all grinchy. So he had a few meltdowns, but all in all we had a wonderful week celebrating the reason for the season with family!

Christmas Eve at Grandma Eva's house 
Hansens, Amsbarys, Wangens, and Radfords
Socializing after dinner
Every year at least 20 people gather in this tiny living room - it gets hot!
Singing Christmas carols (that's grandma Eva in the middle)
Drew got too hot so his sweater came off and he rocked his muscle shirt!

Song books used for Christmas carols
Boys playing with cars
Pete, Steve, and Jim singing We Three Kings - this is a crowd favorite every year!

Drew got a lot of car toys, much to his delight!
Christmas Morning at the Watson House
Watsons and Hansens
Look at that haul! I have to admit I was a little uncomfortable with how
many presents were under that tree. Could we possible need that
many things between us? But it does feel really good to give nice
gifts, and I loved seeing the smiles of my family member's faces
during gift opening time.

My tradition French Toast Casserole
(which didn't burn this year, thanks to the new oven!)
Mom and sister opening gifts
Drew testing out his new lawn mower. In our family we limit
gifts to 3 per person, and this was one of our gifts to Drew.
My parents do not abide by the 3 gift limit, and Drew got a little
spoiled...but that's what grandparents are for, right?
My mom showing off my sister's beautiful artwork!
Out of all the things Drew got, this book we got him about cars was his favorite!
...Until he opened his new basketball hoop from grandma!

He was so excited, he gave grandma a high five!
And then he played hoops until he got so sweaty we had to take his jammies off!

Christmas Day at the (Pete and Mary Ann) Hansen House
Hansen siblings (Hansens and Christiansens)
Drew had caught on by now that many gifts contained toys
Taking a break
Adam's displaying his new Seahawks beanie
Grandpa and Grandma Hansen and Uncle
Zeke and Auntie Bekah got Drew a new play kitchen!
He got right to work organizing...
The Christiansen girls got a new doll house - so precious!

Late Christmas Celebration at Warm Beach (Grandpa and Grandma Watson's house)
Watsons, Hansens, Walters, Rileys
Drew and Cooper waiting for presents!
Car puzzle!
Drew started bringing all the presents over for
Kyle to open, even ones that weren't his...

Gram and Gramps admiring the calendar my
cousin Sam made them of all their great grandkids (Avery, Drew, and Cooper)
Family Portrait Time!
The original gang: gram and gramps with their 3 kids
The Watsons and the Walters
All the cousins (Watsons, Hansens, Walters, Rileys)
The Watsons and Hansens
The Rileys
The kids: Avery nailed it, Drew and Cooper need a little more practice...
And last (but never least!): the in-laws! They organized
their own photo, which was pretty cute!
This was our first Christmas with a toddler, and I took some serious notes on what to expect moving forward. I thought it would be easier to control the Christmas chaos, but this year I really struggled. I think not feeling well from pregnancy sickness did not help my situation, but I also was just slow on getting shopping going, organizing Drew's wish list, etc. Kyle and I plan out our holiday plans weeks in advance, and that did save us some headache as the holidays got closer but that was about the only place my sanity was spared. But then the holidays actually arrive, and I love just sitting back and enjoying time with family. I love knowing all the gifts are wrapped, lists are made, bags are packed, and all we need to do is be present with the ones we are with. We love spending time with family, and we loved spending another Christmas with Drew. Most of all, we love celebrating the birth of our savior! 

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