Friday, October 31, 2014

Maybe next year...

The little town of Edmonds puts on a BIG Halloween event every year. We decided to chance it with the rain and take Drew down to see all the action. I don't know if it was the costumes, or the rain, or what...but he was not a fan. Maybe next year?

Farmer and pumpkin
His first treat! 
The 4 main roads leading to the fountain are all shut down to cars. Good thing, as there are people everywhere!

All the business are handing out candy to the kids

And some even did mini haunted houses...
Not a happy pumpkin....
The Edmonds Chamber of Commerce had a speaker system set up by the fountain.
They were playing music and people of all ages were dancing!

Drew with Waldo (Auntie Brooke). It started to rain and any patience Drew had left at that point was gone...he cried until he was safely home inside his cozy warm house. Then Nanna Jo came over and he had a blast playing with her until bedtime. Hopefully, he's forgotten all about his rainy Edmonds Halloween!

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