Saturday, August 30, 2014

Grandpa's 92nd Birthday

Last weekend we headed up to Warm Beach for the annual summer picnic, held in honor of my grandpa's birthday. He turned 92 this year. That's ninety-two years old, people!
My grandparents were part of the local Model A club for many years, so some years they still join us to celebrate my grandpa's birthday.
Headed up to Warm Beach, we found ourselves behind this little car also headed to my grandpa's house... 
Drew watching the Model A club arrive
Party guests watching my grandpa welcome the Model A club
Gang's all here!
Drew and I spent some time on the old swing out back
And the bars...

And then he wanted to check out the cars.

He took some exploring liberties...
Have a seat, buddy!
My cousin's husband with their two beautiful kiddos
Beach time!
So. much. open. space.
Drew really likes dogs!
Miss Avery, off exploring
Drew immediately found a stick and got to work dragging it around
Avery showing Drew how to pat the mud and make it splatter
Back up at the house, the men were gathered around chatting
Kyle and I found some time while Drew was napping to pick fresh blackberries!
The guests just enjoying the beautiful day!
Sweet little Cooper!
The kids did a lot of playing inside, out of the heat
(and that's me, in my happiest of happy places, surrounded by babies!)
After the Model A club left, the family hung around for a dinner and cake!
Look at these two!
Total lovebirds!
Gramps got a little help from Avery with the candles.
Hip hip hooray!
After dinner and cake, we gathered for a family game of Watson rummy
Not a bad view for card playing!
And this was the sunset as we packed up to head home - glorious!

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