Monday, July 28, 2014

Drew is 1!

For Drew's birthday, we did a casual BBQ with local family and friends. I wanted to do something memorable for his 1st birthday (for our sake, as he wont remember it). First birthdays are really just for the adults to get together, socialize, and watch the baby destroy a cupcake. And that's exactly what we did!

The theme was "balloons" - pretty easy!
Instead of gifts, we encouraged those in attendance to make a donation to
Children of the Nations. Drew raised $65!
The donations are being used to make hygiene kits for the Smile Pack program.
My girlfriend Chelsea's mother makes the most delicious cupcakes!
My sweet grandma and grandpa Watson
Drew's Uncle Loren, Aunt Danna, and Aunt Eleni (Uncle Carlos not pictured)
(these four aren't actual family, but I've known them all long enough that I may be
able to convince Drew otherwise when he's older!)

The Grill Masters (Drew's grandpa Steve and great-grandpa Bob)
Drew's "auntie" Chelsea and her nephew Grayson

Drew's Aunt Heather and Uncle Adam - looking wonderful!
Nanna Jo and Auntie Brooke
Drew opening a few small presents with Grandma Mary Ann.
He has played with this music set daily since he opened it!
A new book!
He was not a fan of the "Happy Birthday" song...
But the sugar really made up for it!
He quickly caught on...
Some made it in his mouth, 
and some in the hair.
And then he shoved the whole thing into his mouth!
And what pretty happy about it all!
Until I put the hat on him. Not a fan of the hat that day.
Hansen cousins! This was the "best" shot we could get. Oh, kids.
Happy 1st birthday Drew!
What a year! In many ways, I was definitely prepared for motherhood. God had certainly been preparing my mother's heart, long before I could ever recognize it as such. I was reflecting with Kyle and my dad a few weeks ago, and we all agreed that me being a mom is the most content I have ever been. Sure, the days are long and I'd really like my pre-baby body back someday - but I feel more prepared, able, and willing to do the job of Mom (+ wife!) than any other job or role I've previously been in. So praise the Lord for THAT!
The one thing I wasn't prepared for was how to manage my personal time now that there is a child in the house. Before Drew, I was used to setting my mind to a project or task and then seeing it through on whatever timeline I dictated. Now, my personal time comes when Drew is sleeping. When he's done sleeping, I'm done with my personal time...period. That's taking some getting used to (it's also why we implemented "Dad-urdays"!). Clearly, I still have ample time to myself as Drew is a wonderful sleeper (thanks to Baby Wise and sleep training him at a young age), and Kyle (and now my dad) are great helpers. I am still Drew's primary caretaker, though, so I've just had to adjust to leaving a project hanging and coming back to it later. Which is probably good for me, in the long run.
On that note, I'm suspending the "Giving it Grace" portion of the blog. Since Drew was born, I haven't had ample time to think through the Giving it Grace reflections, and that's been weighing on my conscience. With all the disruptions a baby brings, I fear I was becoming reckless with my writing. I don't ever want to find myself misreading, misinterpreting, or misrepresenting what it true about God and his grace. Also, while I love keeping up the blog and wish I had even more time for it, I am also working harder at balancing my personal time with other activities. That all being said, I'm also hoping that we are living our lives in such a way that God's grace is evident without me needing to explicitly point it out (and thus the title of the blog stays the same!). 

Our prayer for Drew in his upcoming year of life is John 15, verse 11: "These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full." If your heart lends itself so, please join us in praying this for him!

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