Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter post (again!)

I came across this video from our church's Easter service last year:

Ah-maz-ing! Last year was so much fun! Eight of our campuses gathered at Qwest Field, totallying over 17,000 people! Of those thousands, 682 of those people got baptized on the field following the service. This year, we're having 41 separate celebrations across 14 campuses. The Ballard campus has services at 9AM, 11:15AM, 5PM and 7:15PM (find out more at Yes, I'm still talking about Easter because I'm still excited - it's only three days away!

Giving it Grace: Easter is the best day of the year. Better than my birthday. Better than our wedding day. Better than our future children's births. Easter marks the day Jesus rose, conquering Satan, sin and death for all those who believe in Him. It also marks the day the prophesies were fulfilled, and the old law was put to death because Jesus fulfilled God's righteous wrath. In What is the Gospel, Gred Gilbert explains "If Christ had remained dead like any other 'savior' or 'teacher' or 'prophet', his death would have meant nothing more than yours or mine...But when [He rose], everything Jesus claimed was fully, finally, unquestionably and irrevocably vindicated." That's worth celebrating, if you ask me!

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